Vernon Dursley's Relationship

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Vernon Dursley: He is the once from Harry and hates Harry. He works at Grunnings with drills. Petunia Dursley: She is the aunt from Harry and hates Harry too. She is „Hausfrau“ ((housewife) and has a son Dudley Dursley. Dudley Dursley: He is the cousin from Harry and the son from Vernon and Petunia. He also hates Harry and is very „verwöhnt“ (spoiled) Mrs Figg: The neighber from the Dursleys, Harry is often by Mrs Figg. Harry: He lived his first 10 years with the Dursleys, then he comes to Hogwords, because he is a wizard. His parents are died. James and Lilli: The parents from Harry. They were killed by Voldemord. Lilly Potter is the sister from Petunia Dursley. Hagrid: the „Wildhüter“ (gamekeeper) from Hogwarts, he
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