Veronica By A Famous Modern Artist Jay Defeo

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While walking through the halls of the museum, I was in a rather skeptical attitude, because after several halls, none of the paintings particularly impressed me. They were all too confusing, too simple. So it continued until I went into a room with huge canvases, and that 's where my eyes got attracted to an artwork that has later become my favorite. The large, towering almost to the ceiling vertical canvas intrigued me with its colors and texture, and in the description has been written that this is the work called "Veronica" by a famous modern artist Jay DeFeo, and it’s been created pretty a long time ago- in 1967. This piece is drawn in a very nice mix of colors and looks like a silk thread aspiring up and shimmering with all shades of bronze and gold. The painting is done in the abstract style so that everyone sees in it something of their own- a feather, wood texture, a piece of fabric- as far as the imagination will suffice. According to the author, it should be Veronica’s veil - a piece of cloth which bears the likeness of the face of Jesus. In Gospel, during the Passion of Christ, one of the holy women who accompanied him to Calvary, offered him a towel on which he left the imprint of his face. Whether the artist is embedded in this work some deep (religious) meaning or not - I don’t know, so I appreciated the painting from an aesthetic point of view. I really liked the technique that DeFeo used to create big and small strokes and transitions between shades: it…
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