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Article V This act states that the nursing education program should provide general and professional foundation for the practice of nursing. It also states that all the learning experiences should follow the regulations and requirements set by Commission on Higher Education (CHEd) for nursing education. This act also states that the faculty must be :(a) Be a registered nurse in the Philippines; (b) Have at least one (1) year of clinical practice in a field of specialization; (c) Be a member of good standing in the accredited professional organization of nurses; and (d) Be a holder of a master’s degree in nursing, education, or other allied medical and health sciences conferred by a college or university duly recognized by the…show more content…
Provided, even further , That for chief nurses in military hospitals, priority shall be given to those who have finished a master's degree in nursing and the completion of the General Staff Course (GSC):Provided, finally , That those occupying such positions before the effectivity of this Act shall be given a period of five (5) years within which to qualify. This act provides that the studies for nursing manpower needs, production, utilization and development should initiate, undertake and conduct studies on health human resources production, utilization and development. This act also presents that the Board in coordination with the accredited professional organization recognized specialty
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