Vertical Component Of Information Safety Environment

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Vertical Component of information Safety Environment: Previous studies showed that the more an organizations’ top leadership engage in creating the information security environment, the more employees are willing to be compliant with the policies (Chen, Ramamurthy, Wen, 2012). This is because more commitment, monitoring and training are being in place with respect to information security policy and preparation. Therefore, in this study the three hypotheses will be a positive relationship between management engagement, regulation and training of information security and employees compliance with these policies. Below the top leadership of an organization comes a body of supervisors who deal with employees on a daily basis. Similar to the management situation, if supervisors are more engaged with employees when it comes to information security, employees are likely to comply with the guidelines regulating information within the organization (Chen, Ramamurthy, Wen, 2012). H1: There will be a positive relationship between supervisors’ engagement with employees on information security policies and employees perceived compliance with the polies. Below the supervisory level in an organization comes the peers who work with an employee on a day by day schedule. Past research indicates that the more peers interact with each other in a job, the higher the influence of peers on each other with respect to the particular job (Al-Omari, Deokar, El-Gayar, 2012). H2: The more
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