Vertical Occupational Mobility of Labour and Organization

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Vertical Occupational mobility of labour and organizational commitment; Banking Sector of Pakistan


The study of my topic i.e. vertical occupational mobility of labour and Organizational commitment comes under Human Resource Management (HRM). HRM itself by its name describes that it is an approach of people working in an organization which play an important role in achieving organization’s objective. This subject area basically helps in managing workforce to acquire maximum efficiency. The Human Resources Management includes a variety of activities such as whether to use independent contractors or hire employees, recruitment, time management, workforce planning, training and development, performance appraisal etc.
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The second data set is of 1970’s Census of Population which resulted that occupational mobility and inter-country mobility are not independent when accounted for different age and sex groups.
Larry D. Schroeder. (1976) created an occupational mobility matrix by observing mobility patterns of non-movers and interstate movers of United States (observation period is five years or more), after which it was evident that occupational and geographic mobility are affiliated which each other. He further states that manpower planners must keep this relationship in mind when they project the responses to their strategies to stimulate occupational and inter-state mobility.

Occupational Mobility and Wage Inequality
Nachum Sicherman & Oded Galor (1990) states that if a wage profile difference across individuals in a firm is found workers will change their occupation or quit from that specific firm. Furthermore, Gueorgui Kambourov and Iourii Manovskii (2004) in their study indicate that occupational mobility and wage inequality are interrelated. They developed a general equilibrium model which resulted that increase in occupational mobility is 90% because of the significant increase in wage inequality over the time.


The type of this research is applied which means to undertake investigation to acquire new knowledge. Applied research is directed mainly towards a specific practical aim. This research is not
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