Very Reverend Edward Quinlan, Sister Mary Anne, Clergy,

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Very Reverend Edward Quinlan, Sister Mary Anne, clergy, members of the Board of Directors, administration, faculty, staff, parents, family members, and friends. Good evening and welcome to the graduation ceremony for Bishop McDevitt High School’s Class of 2017. On behalf of my classmates, I would like to thank you all for the encouragement and guidance you have given us, as we finish these years with pride, integrity, and respect for both ourselves and for each other. Most importantly, thank you to our parents. Without your endless love, hugs, and care, we would not be donning these blue caps and gowns, ready to receive the diplomas that you have helped us earn. I would like to take a moment to remember our bright and charismatic…show more content…
No matter how smart or talented someone is, we all managed to lose our way in the twists and turns of McDevitt’s hallways at least once, especially when 8th and 9th period decided to switch places every other day. But as we survived each school year, we all uncovered our own strategies to solve the puzzles presented by each class. With each English class, we skimmed through the most difficult of word searches, hoping to locate the perfect words for our numerous ex-de-texte’s. Not only did we find an economy of words which captured the essence of our thoughts, but we also delved into the word searches of literature, dissecting its themes and characters up, down, forwards, backwards, diagonally . . . you name it. By searching for quotes that revealed the hidden meaning of the author, we discovered the letters and meanings that connect the fictitious literary world with our reality. Through Geometry, Algebra, and Calculus, we were presented with Sudoko-like equations; we quickly found that if one number was wrong, the whole problem was wrong. Most times, we were infinitely clueless on Mr. Lindberg’s tests, whose answers seemed imaginary; but when we found that one, specific number which allowed for rows, columns, and boxes to be filled, we felt like Pythagoras when he proved the infamous Pythagorean theorem that we use so often. Science classes were a Jumble, combining the realm of letters and the world of numbers into what looked like chaos. However, once explained
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