Very Small Aperture Terminal (VSAT) Communication Networks

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Very Small Aperture Terminal (VSAT) Communication Networks

Introduction Very Small Aperture Terminal (VSAT) communication networks are a form of satellite communication where business and industry can transmit data, voice and video around the world through a satellite link. Companies such as Walmart use VSATs to process data to and from their stores nationwide (Lawton, 1994). Understanding the basics of what constitutes a VSAT network and how it operates will establish a basis of knowledge to expand on the various applications. Illustrating the commercial and military use of these satellite networks will show how space capabilities can be more advantageous over terrestrial methods of communication. The use of VSAT communication is
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TDMA uses timing to allow multiple signals within a specified amount of time. This would be like a large group taking turns talking at different time intervals. CDMA uses codes to allow multiple signals with specific individual codes. This would be like a group of individuals speaking in different languages. FDMA uses different frequencies within the signal. This would be like a group of individual speaking at different tones or levels. Using different code, time, frequency and other access schemes allows a large number of signals to be transmitted, identified and differentiated simultaneously.
There are two basic types of VSAT networks: Mesh topology networks and star topology networks. A mesh topology network is a point-to-point network consisting of multiple locations and antennas as described above. A star topology network is usually a larger network where multiple equipment sets (antennas and modems) are placed in various locations. These geographically dispersed equipment sets are also referred to as nodes. Each node transmits its signal through a satellite to a larger modem and antenna called a “hub”. A hub modem is a more complex unit compared to those of an individual node and the hub antenna is slightly larger with more power capability (usually 4-11 meters in diameter). In star topologies, each node communicates to the satellite and the satellite communicates to the hub. The hub acts as a

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