Vestigial Organs: Common Descent by Charles Darwing

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“Vestigial Organ” is a term used to describe organs or functions that due to the course of evolution no longer have a use. The idea of useless organs had been around long before Charles Darwin, but his idea for why they were there was the one that stuck. In his book “The Descent of Man” Darwin named a few organs that were considered absolutely useless or had very little service such as wisdom teeth, the appendix, the spleen, and the hind leg bones in whales. While functions of some of these parts such as the appendix and spleen have been discovered, Evolutionists still believe that vestigial are great evidence for the evolution. In complete contrast, Creationists know that they are evidence for a Creator. They believe that the organs are…show more content…
So why then has it popped back up? Evolutionists are unsure, but they do know that the mid tarsal break strongly points toward ancestry from apes. Creationists on the other hand who do not believe that humans descended from apes, must come up with an explanation for these useless functions and parts. Their simple explanation for useless organs and functions? They aren’t useless. A random, meaningless organ in the body does not point toward a divine Creator, why would God put useless parts into his creation. He wouldn’t. Genesis 1: 31 “God saw all that he had made, and it was very good. And there was evening, and there was morning — the sixth day” If something is very good it isn’t made with nonfunctional parts. That would mean that all organs must have a function that is noteworthy. If there isn’t a function that would only mean that we haven’t figured out what it is yet. Interestingly, Creationists view wisdom teeth in a similar way Evolutionists do. In countries that aren’t as developed, technologically, people there do not eat as much processed food. As a result their jaws are stronger from chewing harder food. Their stronger jaws are able to accamodate the third molars. Also due to their tougher diet, their teeth wear down, so more teeth helps. God fully equipped us for eating, with strong jaws and teeth. Our mouths can take the wisdom teeth, it would seem we are taking care of our teeth too well. Also since the fall of Eden, disease has plagued life on

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