Vet Tech Essay

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One thing that is important to the veterinary technician that is taking the radiographs is the personal protective equipment to the tech. Being able to use all of the proper personal protective equipment (ppe) when taking x-rays will decrease the exposure of radiation to the veterinary technician. The things that a vet tech needs to wear when taking an x-ray are: lead-lined aprons, lead-lined gloves, thyroid shield, and lead glasses. I chose personal protective equipment because I feel that the ppe is the most important to the vet tech than anything else. The first company is Universal Medical. All of their products can be found on This company has different…show more content…
Cone Instruments only offers three different types of thyroid collars. There are few lead aprons to choose from. The lowest costing apron starts at $121. The most expensive lead apron starts at $575. The lead gloves only had six options to choose from. The lowest price being $46 and the highest price being $333. Following, is AliMed. Their website is This website has a lot of different things to choose from. They have: radiation protection aprons, radiation protection apron accessories, radiation protection gloves, radiation protection face shields, radiation protection leaded glasses, radiation protection thyroid shields, radiation apron racks, radiation barriers & table shields, radiation drape shields, patient radiation protection, and veterinary radiation protection. AliMed has a wide variety of lead glasses to choose from. Their prices vary depending on what style of glasses you choose. For the basic classic frames, it is $155. For Wiley X glasses, it is $260. The thyroid collars range from $64 to about $100. AliMed has four different types of aprons to choose from: Grab n Go Radiation Aprons, Liquid-Proof Radiation Aprons, Wolf Radiation Aprons, and Breast Cancer Awareness Aprons. The aprons range from $243 to $763. The aprons for AliMed is costly compared to Cone Instruments and Universal Medical. Their lead gloves seem to be up there in price as well. The cheapest starts at $200. The most
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