Veteran Affairs Patient Satisfaction From Outside Reports

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Veteran Affairs Patient Satisfaction Veterans Affairs is infamous for corruption and public scandals, yet have high rankings of overall patient satisfaction from outside reports. The Congressional Research Service estimates that there are about 21 million veterans in the United States and only 9 million veterans are enrolled in the VA. Only 5 million veterans actually received care during 2014’s fiscal year. “In a given year, not every VA-enrolled veteran receives VA health care services. Some veterans may opt not to seek care during the year, while others may receive care outside the VA system, paying for care using private health insurance, Medicare, Medicaid, the military health system” These are astonishing numbers considering the rising costs of healthcare, 12 million veterans eligible for free services would rather pay out of pocket than deal with the dreaded VA. On the Veteran Affairs official website they state that their number one priority is patient satisfaction and they proudly flaunt their “report cards” to prove it, but their definition of a patient is incomplete. The Veteran Health Administration was created to provide free healthcare to all men and women who have served in the military; therefore, their patients are the 21 million veterans living in America not just the patients that they are able to treat. Every man and woman who risked their lives for our country should receive quality healthcare for free. The majority of veterans who

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