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Veteran Interview My grandfather, Larry, served in WWII. He enlisted and stationed at Camp Polk. He went through places like New Guinea and the Philippines during the war. When I asked him if he experienced any combat he said; “yes, I experienced some combat. But most of the time I spent in combat was in a tank. Not too much action there.” A typical day in my grandfathers’ life at the time was to wake up at the crack of dawn and get ready for a full day of combat, well at least for the ground troops that didn’t have a tank to be protected by. Of course for him, driving a tank was easier then being a ground troop. So that made things a little easier. He told me every day the main thing he did, and I quote, “kep my…show more content…
Then you’re stuck setting them all up for the rest of the night.” The thing that stuck out most in my grandfather mind he said was; “looking forward to go home”. The war got tough in many ways and situations which made my him wish he was home with his family again. I asked him if he thought about the war very often now and he said; “so so. Not alot. Glad its over.” When I asked him if he lost any friends or people he served with in the war he said that he lost some friends in combat but he didn’t talk much about that. He carried his sacred heart metal with him everywhere he went. He would pray for the war to end at night before he fell asleep. The friends he made in war are either dead or he no longer keeps in touch with them at all. There wasn’t much said about his worst and best experiences in the war. All he said on that was “to keep alert and stay alive.” The war did not change him. My grandfather was received with “lots of love.” He was going to go to Japan but he ended up going home early. He was in Minilla on V-J Day, the day the war ended. This was a victory day celebration. I asked him if he had been scarred either emotionally or physically from serving in the war and he said; “yes, both especially when you get surrounded. One time he told me that he opened the top hatch to his tank to see if the cost was clear. There ended up being a jap hiding in a tree above him and he
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