Veterans Administration / Affairs Hospital

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(Gonzalez 1)
Alyssa Gonzalez
Coach Weeden
Language Arts, 3rd Period
March 25, 2015
Veterans Administration/ Affairs Hospital (Against)
Every day veterans are unattended to, or their appointments are rescheduled. So many veterans are homeless because they can’t or won’t be hired, to me this is unfair. I know many veterans that would rather not go to the VA or be cared for at the VA because of their lack of being cared. The way I see it is, if the people/ workers at the VA work there they should know what they’re getting themselves into. yes the VA is insane, and deranged etc., but hey if you work there stay committed to help and take good care of our veterans, to help the people who is or have fought for our country as a favor in return to show how appreciative, and thankful we are for our veterans, it’s the least we could all do. If you ask me , our veterans are greatly affected by this. Most of the time when I go with my stepdad to the VA it takes hours to get one little thing because there is an ample load of veterans, and the VA workers take their time, or move too slow from what i see. Not all but most of the VA workers don’t look happy to be there because they are tired, frustrated, or mad for whatever reason. I am strongly against all of this.
(Gonzalez 2) If I was head of the VA I would come up with a better program or resource in order to take better care of our veterans. Many Many veterans have died in the last decade because of lack of care. There’s been report,…
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