Veterans And Service Dogs : Veterans

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Veterans. All of those that have previously served our country in the United states military. Sadly much to often, these veterans come back from their tours physically and mentally damaged. Along with broken and or missing limbs, they are often diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, also known as PTSD. I found the fascination for this illness and veterans while watching a new show on t.v. with my family. It’s called Dogs of War. This show is about a program called “Paws and Stripes” that connects veterans that are harshly affected on a daily basis to service dogs. I know that the concept of veterans and service dogs isnt a new concept, but what is different about this program is that they get the dogs from an animal shelter, then train them to be service dogs. I was also fascinated with the way that they gave so much care into matching these dogs with the veterans. They had different dogs lined up that they thought would match up with the different veterans physical and mental needs. They have the vet choose the dog that they feel they can build a trusting and caring relationship with. I didn’t know a lot about service dogs, let alone PTSD. So thats where I began my search. When I first started to research this question, I used
I just started to research about PTSD. I decided this was a good place to start, based on the lack of knowledge I had about the disease itself. The first website I went to was This is the U.S. department of Veteran…
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