Veterans Benefits

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Veteran’s benefits Topic: Improving veterans benefit system Purpose: To change the time it takes for a veteran to receive their benefits. Thesis: To persuade congress to change how and when benefits are established. Do you know someone who receives Veterans Benefits? Do you know how long for them to get their benefits or if they received them at all? Contemplate that and reach out to your family member or friend that is a veteran and see what kind of answers you get. Good morning Classmates, Staff, and members of Congress, Hello my name is Jerry Tinsley, Today I am here to talk to you to changes that need to be made in veteran compensation rules and regulations regarding veterans receiving their benefits in a timely manner. As you know…show more content…
Many of them are dealing with lung cancer and in some cases have lost their lives because of infection and were 2 times more likely to have children with birth defects. Now we have a new era of proud fighting men and women who are serving our country and waiting for months and years to get their benefits it is time to take action now. Many of us experience what is called (PTSD) Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, from some of things we saw or experienced during our time in service. And there again you tell us there is nothing wrong and it is all in our heads, or it is not as bad as you think it is. If that is the case then why are so many of our soldiers committing suicide, because they cannot deal with the things that are going on in their head, the nightmares, the reliving of a traumatic situation that plays out in our head over and over until something snaps. Then there are those veterans like myself that have been fighting to receive the benefits they deserve for years. The times for change is now, are fighting men and women deserve more for their dedicated service to our country. Without these sacrifices we would not be the United States of America. Our soldiers deserve better than that and what I propose to you is to make direct payments retroactive from the moment a soldier is released from
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