Veterans and mental health care

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Take care of Veterans I believe that it is the best interest of veterans, whom have served the military in any capacity to be afforded not just medication, but also some form of counseling. Being a veteran myself I have experienced: over medicating by the government, not receiving any form of counseling, and when I was given an appointment it was six months from the day that it was scheduled. When I was Honorably Discharged from the military I was not afforded any form of mental counseling, nor was I directed to any facility to do so. The VA actually has a four question questioner called the Post Deployment Health Re-Assessment (PDHRA for short). This is to assess the returning soldiers mental health as well if they have PTSD. This…show more content…
The first step in the process: making an appointment with your primary care physician, second, get a referral from your primary care physician to see a case worker, third, talk to your case worker about your mental health issues, fourth, getting an appointment with a mental health care doctor, fifth, attending your mental health care appointment, after you have taken all of these steps 2-7 months may have gone by. In the EBSCO article,” VA Health System and Mental Health Treatment Retention” it states,” Throughout the entire of process of trying to attain mental health care the patient (you) maybe deteriorating mentally more and more each day. It is stated in the EBSCO article “Access to VA Services for Returning Veterans with PTSD” “This is unacceptable”. We as veterans have voluntarily served our country proudly, because of this service we at times come back with one or many mental illnesses. We deserve proper mental health care that is administered in a timely and safe manner. The Government needs to take notice. The people that help fight its battles and spread democracy need proper medical attention. We need to not be over medicated, not be put to the side when we need mental health care, and we need to have the care as soon as
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