Veterinarian Career Essay

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Sarah Hashi
Avid 9
Period 2
Career Research Project

Are you passionate about pets? Maybe you should think about becoming a veterinarian. Can you care for the health of animals? Diagnose, treat, or research medical conditions and diseases of pets, livestock, zoos, racetracks, and laboratories? Well, this is the job for me. It is important for me to know the skills, the job requirements, and which colleges are best for a veterinarian. There are many skills required and performed daily for a veterinarian that is working with animals. One skill is checking to see if their health is ok and speaking with their owners about them. Just like a child, veterinarians do the same things to animals. “The average salary of a veterinarian is $88,490”
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All veterinarians in California must have an internship and having to go to college for 4 years. For instance, one of the colleges that would take me to train for 4 years is UC Davis. The requirements for me to get this job are to have a strong education and a bachelor’s degree. What I can do now is get straight A’s in every class, eat healthy, and get plenty of sleep. Being healthy is important for a veterinarian because if you weren’t, you might likely get sick and more because of the extra germs or diseases the animals you are curing might travel to you. Your requirements for this job are to study all the best colleges for young students that want to enter. UC Davis is a good school because there are many ways to train there. For example, they bring in animals. You get to train with them by checking their heartbeat and temperature just like a regular doctor. There is many information about a veterinarian and the requirements. If I keep up with my studies and what i plan on doing in the future, I can meet my goal and start a job as a veterinarian and succeed my

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