Veterinary Medicine History

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Meredith worriedly rushed to the animal hospital with her rescue dog, Doc, in the backseat whimpering. She did not know what happened to him, she turned her back for a minute, heard the loud yelp, and everything after that is a blur. She immediately rushed out the door, to the animal hospital. Upon her arrival, the vet that greeted her assured her it was nothing serious and that Doc would definitely be fine. Meredith breathed a sigh of relief, thankful for having chosen such a well-educated vet. She was amazed at how he knew exactly what to do without even thinking. Veterinary medicine is a diverse and challenging field; extensive, difficult schooling and training tests one’s will and determination, the different types and specialties allow a student to go into the field of study that they truly enjoy, and the advancements ensure the best quality care for the animals that love, comfort, and provide food for the population.
One may be amazed at the history entailed in veterinary medicine. Dating back to ancient times, veterinary medicine began as no more than observance of animals and how they live and function. For as long as history has been recorded there is evidence that animals were being studied. Stemming from the Latin word veterinarius, meaning specialty, what is known today as veterinary medicine was developed (Bowen). The
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They sacrifice time with their families on holidays and weekends to ensure the best care and treatment for pets and farm animals. Some spend days, weeks, and months researching diseases to find new medicines that may save lives. New technology allows animals to be treated just as good as humans are, increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of animal care. Step-by-step, veterinarians are bettering the quality of care and saving the lives of animals all over the nation and all over the
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