Veterinary Science Research Paper

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Veterinary science

In high school and in college I want to study Veterinary Science.Veterinary Science is pre-medical,pre-veterinary,and pre-professional studies. You also study if your animal has just lost a brother or sister and doesn't want to eat it is not because it not hungry it is because it misses its brother or sister.veterinarian scientists also help your dog if it has cancer vetenaiain scienients also do surgery and also put casts on your animal if it has a broken leg. And to be a veterinary scientists you need a Bachelor of science degree and a doctor of veterinary medicine.Some that are related to veterinary science are, Veterinary Pathologist and ,animal caretaker and there are many more jobs that let you work with animals.The average salary for veterinary scientist is $99,000 but if you're really good at your job you could get a whooping 158,000 dollars both of these prices are really good if you have a love of money this is job to take.
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They come in at number 9 best Veterinary science programs. 94% of the people who go to Georgia get to be a Veterinary Scientists. And if i don't get into Georgia i could go to Pellissippi state college , Tennessee technology center of Memphis or the one one i would love to go to but they don't have a great veterinary scientist program the University i am talking about is is the University of Tennessee.(go
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