Viability of Ampalaya in Making Chips

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This chapter presents an overview of this study. This section includes the background of the study, statement of the problem and hypothesis, significance of the study, scope and limitation and definition of terms.

Introduction Bitter melon or ampalaya is said to be the most bitter of all vegetables of cooking in Asian countries. Different countries formulate their own dishes and improve its cultivation for a higher demand in the market. Ampalaya is also used in the field of medicine and it contributes to aid treatment of different illness. Furthermore, children do not like eating vegetables particularly if it is ampalaya because of its bitter taste. However, ampalaya has a unique
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It also comprises review of local literature and studies. Which are all having tool to finish the research.
Foreign Studies Ampalaya has insulin-like polypeptides, called p-insulin, in its fruits and seeds. Insulin helps your body use and store blood glucose when you eat food, advises the American Diabetes Association. The plant also contains leptin, a hormone that can play a role in insulin resistance. While bitter melon has a scientifically proven track record for improving insulin resistance in the body, the exact mechanism by which the plant works remains unknown (Qixuan Chen, lead author of a study published in the Journal of Nutrition,2008).

According to Chen (2008), The plant’s ability to lower blood-glucose levels might be the result of its ability to create a metabolic environment in the body that reduces body fat, specifically visceral fat,.

Alpha and beta-momorcharin, both proteins, are found in the fruit’s seeds. These produce fat-reducing activity in the body. (C.P. Khare’s “Indian Medicinal Plants: An Illustrated Dictionary.”)

Foreign Literature
According to Oshima the staff writer of taking the bitter with the sweet that for along time, however, farmers on the mainland japan grew it only to southern Kyushu and Okinawa, where the hot summer weather caused a lack of other locally-grown green

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