Viabiliy of News Channels in India

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ASSIGNMENT OF PM TOPIC: VIABILITY OF NEWS CHANNELS IN INDIA [pic] SUBMITTED TO: SUBMITTED BY: MR. SATINDER KUMAR SURJEET SINGH (LECTURER) MBA II (D) 5918 SCHOOL OF MANAGEMENT STUDIES PUNJABI UNIVERSITY, PATIALA INTRODUCTION TELEVISION NEWS media is one of the most important catalysts that has an invariably important role to play in shaping up public opinions, sentiments, and dogmas by promulgating accurate and desirable information and knowledge. Due to its vast intrusion in public life, it has the power of creating an enduring impact on society and culture of a region. Today, TV news channels in India are facing a qualitative crisis pertaining to disseminated content in the package…show more content…
In other words we can say that these are popular in metro cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai etc. these channels can be seen in small cities. But these are not as important in small cities as in big cities. Level of news given by English news channels If there is a issue about the level of news channels. then English news channels are very appropriate. News given by these news channels are 90% real. English news channels give real news as much as possible. so it can be said that these are better than Hindi news channels. However news channels have much importance in metropolitan cities but we come to small cities, there are some problems occur because more than 65% Indian population live in villages & nearby areas. They are mostly illiterate in these areas . English is beyond their thinking. HINDI NEWS CHANNELS • AZAD NEWS • NDTV INDIA • ZEE NEWS • AAJ TAK • DD NEWS • SAHARA SAMAY • TEZ • INDIA TV • INDIA NEWS • P-7 NEWS • STAR NEWS • LIVE INDIA • CNEB • NEWS 24 • A TO Z NEWS • FOCUS TV • IBN-7 • TOTAL TV • TV100 VIABILITY OF HINDI NEWS CHANNELS: Hindi is the national language of India. It is the most spoken language of India also. So most people prefer to watch Hindi news channels. The list of Hindi news channels is very long. But only a few of them give relative information. There is no objection by the la to broadcast any channel. So most private channels have made it as a

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