Viable Alternative Energy For Replace Fossil Fuels

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Viable Alternative Energy to Replace Fossil Fuels
Nauman Syed Zia
University of Houston

Nearly all of the United States ' production of energy comes from non-renewable sources, also known as fossil fuels. However, the problem with using fossil fuels to satisfy the United States ' ever-growing demand for power is that they are a limited resource and their production and usage cause a myriad of harmful environmental effects. There are other sources of energy available that do not run out and are much more environmentally friendly such as wind, solar and hydro power. The government should take further action into transitioning from environmentally damaging non-renewable fossil fuels to cleaner and more permanent alternative energy sources. The United States relies far too heavily on fossil fuels for its energy. Over 85% of the country 's energy come from these sources (“The Hidden Cost,” n.d.). However, this source is limited and will eventually run out. Fossil fuels were formed over millions of years ago as dead plants and animals slowly decomposed into organic materials. Different types of fuels were formed depending on the types of animal and plant debris that were present, the length of time of its decomposition, and the temperature and pressure conditions that existed during the decaying process. Oil and natural gases were formed from aquatic organisms that were buried under ocean and river sediments. Coal formed from dead tree, fern and other plant…
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