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EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: Viacom is a media conglomerate with operations in cable networks, radio, outdoor, entertainment and video. It is the parent company behind some of the most recognized brands in television, film and publishing, including the CBS Television Network, United Paramount Network (UPN), MTV Networks, Black Entertainment Television, Paramount Home Entertainment and Simon and Schuster Publishing group. Viacom originated as CBS Films, the television syndication division of CBS. In 1971, the division was renamed VIACOM (Video & Audio Communications), and in 1973 it was spun off, amid new FCC rules forbidding television networks from owning syndication companies (the rules were later repented). The main problem of the case…show more content…
As of this writing, CBS's production unit and King World (which has since absorbed Eyemark) are operating under their own names, as parts of CBS, and no attempt has been made thus far to move them around in Viacom's corporate structure; however, TNN and CMT were merged into MTV Networks almost immediately.
Current Company Vision “Viacom's goal is to be the world’s leading, branded entertainment company across television, motion pictures and digital media platforms. We focus on our consumers, enhancing our existing brands, developing new brands and executing on our multiplatform strategy to reach this objective and sustain growth. By capitalizing on our creative strengths and deepening our relationships with audiences, advertisers, distribution affiliates, talent and licensees, Viacom is positioned to achieve continued or greater global success.”

OBJECTIVES: General Objective:
 To be the world’s leading, branded Entertainment Company across television, motion pictures and digital media platforms. Supporting Objectives:
1. To find a qualified successor to maintain and improve its position in the industry; and
2. To maintain a work environment that upholds the highest standards of business behavior in Viacom.
3. To sustain the growth and improvement of the company.
The main problem of the case is the lack of a succession
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