Vibe, A New, Up And Mocing

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VIBE is mobile application that recommend existed or new, up and mocing restaurants, dessert places, and café with a great vibe where a customer is able to homework/work outside his or her home. VIBE also features food/dessert tends for any foody who enjoys to know what is “hip” at the moment. Being that said, users are able to get exclusive insign on new or specialy menus from different reatuarants, café, and dessert places. And through the mobile application and website, users are able to make reservations and collect rewards or points that can be exchanged for a discounts at a certain restaurant. Staying Current Society has progressed so quickly due to the convenient accessibility of mobile devices connected to the Internet and…show more content…
Everything has to be quick and convenient. This principle stands true when a group of customers are ready for their check ad it takes some time for the waiter to give their check, run the card, and come back to return the card sometimes can become an unwanted fifteen minute wait. To accommodate this, VIBE has made it easier for its users to pay through the mobile app, as the mobile application will connected to either Apple Pay or PayPal, in which cut down at else 90% of the waiting time. And of course we cannot forget the power of social media, most millennials at least have three social media platforms downloaded on their phones. It is also to be our best interest to be able to engage them on to those platforms, specifically Facebook and Twitter. Facebook will be geared towards in the older demographic, around thirty to thirty-five, and Twitter is geared for anyone below thirty. The content of tweet or Facebook status will be vary from an article “100 Top restaurants to visit”, promoting a charity that VIBE has chosen to reminders for the users to keep up and use their rewards to utilize, as the rewards do expire after the 12 months of no usage. Lastly, VIBE considers our mobile app users as more than users, but as business clients. As loyal clients who trust and appreciate our information, in the near future, we would like to present a $12 promo code on a user’s birthday. This birthday promo codes will only accessible once
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