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TEST 1 STUDY GUIDE! A set of letters for a particular typeface family that includes all its sizes and attributes is called? Font! ! Gothic Script or Old English is also called? black letter ! ! Which of the following typeface families most resembles handwriting? script! ! Semi-structural details on the ends of some of the strokes that make up letters and symbols are called Sans Serif true ! ! Helvetica is a serif typeface false ! ! Data Maps – combine geographic information with numeric data and therefore are considered? statistical info graphics ! ! Tables resemble pie charts. pie chart are percentages and line charts are for quantities over a period of time! ! Fact boxes are? contains a series of…show more content…
squares/parallelograms! ! Which of the following shapes implies eternity best? circle! ! Size can help in the illusion of depth perception. yes it enhances it ! ! Two objects of the same exact color but with different textures will appear to be lighter and darker. Which will appear lighter of the following textures?! ! Typography is not considered an element of design. false! ! An unpleasant combination of words, sounds, and/or images can be termed as? dissonance! ! A semiotics term that describes assumption made by the viewer is called? metonymic codes! ! Salience is the degree to which a subject is important or prominent. true! ! A symbol that stands for an object, idea, or quantity can be defined as a(n)? sign! ! The concept “the whole is different from the sum of its parts” is attributed to which theory? gestalt! ! Which of the following laws “states that, given a choice by the brain, you will select the simplest and most stable form to concentrate”? similarities! ! Which of the following laws can be simply stated as; “The brain does not prefer sudden or unusual changes in movement of a line”? continuation ! ! Researchers found that the content, size, and placement of photos on a newspaper page are more important than whether the image is printed in color. This statement is associated with which theory? constructivism ! ! The brain classifies visual material in discrete groups. true! ! Semiotics is the

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