Vice President Of Business Development

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Vice President of Business Development
Developing networks and identify new clients or resources for promoting business development.
Co-ordinate with the company members to assure the client of quality service experience throughout the project cycle through delivery and follow up.
Work towards achieving the financial goals of the company.
Create outreach program to attract new client base.

Vice President of Operations
Make sure that the project objectives and company policies are followed with respect to the procedures and performance standards of all field personnel.
Monitor the construction project through the Project Management Team and collaborate with the project site Superintendent to check the project schedule and budget.
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Plan, manage and invest in IT related services within the company to maintain the electronically shared database.
Monitor all the departments within the company and maintain efficient workflow within.

Business Associate
Identify, build and develop new client business continuously to pursue business opportunities with strategic analysis.
Evaluate the markets to identify potential opportunities through direct networking.
Provide client specific opportunity assessment, market evaluation and research along with financial evaluation throughout the delivery process of the project.
Partner the marketing team to create effective marketing strategies.
Motivates and lead the team to accomplish goals without direct authority over team members.
Manage resources to make sure they are within budget to comply with the ethical corporate governance guidelines.
Demonstrate and represent company’s mission, vision and value statements throughout the marketplace.

Project Manager:
Schedule the project to meet deadlines and manage the budget restrictions.
Determine labor requirements and assign work responsibilities.
Inspect and review projects and supervise the compliance with building and safety codes.
Interpret and explain plans and contract terms to working staff and the construction team.
Prepare contracts and negotiate revisions and change orders.
Obtain all necessary permits and licenses

Preparation of construction budget by studying plans and
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