Vices Of Decadent Art

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Virtues and Vices of Decadent Art: Which is more prominent? Introduction The “Decadent Art” era is marked with the art and literature works which according to the decadent artists are considered beyond any moral or ethical obligations to the society and explore the realism of the society. According to the decadent artists such as Oscar Wilde, Joris-Karl Huysman’s, and others, the decadent art was necessary to dazzle the masses and awaken them and show them the reality of their life and their inner soul’s desires, vices, and virtues instead of leaving them to live in a shroud of fake morality. “Sensitivity” and “subtlety” was never seen as a part of the decadent art and instead brutal realism and literary adornments such as nudity, hothouses, and many others were used to describe the emotions and romance of story and the feelings of the characters. Although, the decadent art was focused on reveling the absolute truth of the society without having the patience to be subtle and appreciating the soft feelings of the masses, or respecting morality or ethics; the works of the…show more content…
Crime, the taste for which the human animal draws from the womb of his mother, is natural in its origins. Virtue, on the contrary, is artificial and supernatural, since gods and prophets were necessary in every epoch and every nation to teach virtue….the good is always the product of some art.” This claim in itself is false and thus, the virtue of the decadent art that it shows only the magnified true picture of every perspective of life becomes false. This virtue becomes non-existent as it only shows partial or imagined truth and not the complete and holistic picture. Thus, any literary work which claims to show a holistic picture but instead shows only the fetid and darker side of the artists themselves and not the general society lacks any virtue. This becomes the greatest vice of the decadent literary
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