Vicki Kistler's Talk Summary

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From Vicki Kistler’s talk, I learned that Public Health overlaps with a lot of Health Science majors. Some majors that involve Public Health are IT, Pre-med, and undecided (basic science classes). The goal of Public Health is to respond, present, and help people live happy and healthy lives. Public Health also isn’t one major or discipline, it’s a philosophy. Some careers in the Public Health field are adoption, reducing mortality for infants, and being a lawyer who supports the Public Health Law. There are 48 health instructors out of 50 and there also isn’t a Public Health department in every county of Pennsylvania. In Allentown, there are two categories of Public Health: Personal (based on personal aspects/preferences) and Environment…show more content…
This impacts not only their loved ones, but also the rest of the population. Spreading cancer awareness allows others to be informed about cancers they may have not known about and possibly prevent them from happening to them in the future. Another aspect of Public Health that is very touching is the fact that they deal with suicide prevention. This is a very complicated legal situation and deals with public policies. Furthermore, helping with drug addictions was another impacting topic of Public Health. Not only is it difficult to watch a drug addict suffer on a daily basis, but also watching their families struggle emotionally. Public Health helps educate drug addicts by helping them quit the drug they are using and provide epidemics. In turn, this will allow the drug addict to quit their addiction as well as help their family’s situation get back to normal again. In conclusion, I learned that Public Health is a field in which it helps people feel happy again, teaches about health care disease, and helps change the lives of others positively. That is why the Public Health field will be an important career in the
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