Victim Advocacy

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Victim Advocacy
Anthony D. Rios
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Abstract Date rape is a serious offense and should be not taken lightly. The National Crime Victimization Survey and the Uniform Crime Reporting provides statistics on this offense. There are also strengths and weaknesses in both tools, but they are both valuable tools. To understand date rape, it is important to know the definition, and how date rape is distinguished between stranger rape, statutory rape, and spousal rape. It’s also important to understand the drugs that are used for date rape and how they are used. The relationship between the offender and the victim can also provide a better understanding of date rape. Finally I will provide my position on this issue and how
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(Doerner and Lab, pg 25) * Strengths of NCVS – This survey provides increased reports of crime that are not reported to law enforcement agencies. (Doerner and Lab, pg 32) Another strength is that it provides more information than the UCR. This survey provides more detailed information to gather data. This information can be used to provide more statistics such as which sex is more susceptible to being victimized by date rape in a specific area. (Doerner and Lab, pg 36) The third strength is it provides more information of the victim and offender relationship. (Doerner and Lab, pg 37) * Weaknesses of NCVS – One weakness of this survey is that it has limited scope. (Crime, Offenders, and Victims, pg 66) This survey only looks at two subject areas such as personal crimes and household crimes. Another weakness is that the data may not be reliable because the victims cannot always recall the events due to the trauma. (Crime, Offenders, and Victims, pg 66) * Definition of date rape and how date rape is distinguished from stranger rape, statutory rape , and spousal rape. * According to Doerner and Lab date rape is also termed as acquaintance rape. (pg. 167) In other words, date rape is defined as when they actually know each other and the offender acts nice at first until they attack. (Doerner and Lab, pg 167) In many instances the victim is drugged, coerced by non-physical threats or provided false promises. (Doerner and Lab, pg

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