Victim Advocate Research Paper

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For Fresno State we recently obtained a victim advocate. Her name is Lisa Kisch and she also went to Fresno State. Her role as an advocate is to help the students who became victims. She independent meaning she does not have to report to the school, like professors have to. When they suspect or are told about a crime like sexual assault. It is up to the victim if they want to seek help. She provides support, resources and referrals. For victims on campus, they can go to her, but they are other places where the victim can go. She said the victims that she sees the most are those who were at parties. Then they do not remember what happened that particular night, but they know something is wrong. As if they have been violated sexually. She doesn’t…show more content…
Also provide referrals to the victims to get proper help. Then they have the role of helping the victim with housing accommodation. Finding shelter and accommodations, making sure the victim is safe. Attending meetings and interviews as an advisor. Her office is located in the student health and counseling center. There are no signs saying victim advocate, just to make it more discrete. That way the victim does not feel as if people around would know they are seeing a victim advocate. She also mentions there are three responses when it came to trauma. They are fight, flight, and freeze. When it comes to victims on campus the number one contributing factor is…show more content…
It is a documentary about rape on college campuses. It starts off with a happy beginning of people being accepted into their dream university. It stated that more than 16% of college women are sexually assaulted while attending college. The rapes occurred during parties and in the beginning the two women had their head bashed against the wall. This made them unable to properly respond to the sexual assault and/or rape. The victims were being blamed for their own victimization. 88% percent of women sexually assaulted do not report. Protect the institution from harm is their first priority. If it goes to police it goes to public record and they do not want that. 45% reported zero rape reports.the campuses are afraid of false reporting, but account only of 2-8% meaning the 92-98% are real
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