Victim Oriented Approach In Law Enforcement

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In cities and towns across the country, tragic deaths of citizens in confrontations with police have have spiked a wave of distrust for law enforcement. The bad perception for law enforcement is unfair to the officer’s who are dedicated, and mean well in their duties, yet unfortunately, it has created tension between law enforcement agencies and the communities they serve. Due to the recent deaths and confrontations, reform proposals and new policies have been a national conversation to implement new initiatives to strengthen the bonds between law enforcement officers and the communities they serve. Although, confrontations between law enforcement and citizens in the community have spiked, the concept of community policing is not new. Throughout the years the philosophy of community policing has been to…show more content…
Moreover, community policing has opened the door to a more victim oriented approach within law enforcement where law enforcement agencies are more consumer centered and user friendly (Karmen, 2016). If I were an advocate for victims, tasked with implementing victim oriented services for a law enforcement agency, I would include report taking over the phone or internet, training, a victim advocacy unit, clearance rates for detectives, and a customer satisfaction survey. Below is how my checklist would appear (Karmen, 2016). Victim Oriented Checklist Phone Report Taking and Internet Report Taking 1. Take complaints about very minor matters. (Ex. Theft, Accidents) Training - (Annually) 1. All Officers and Detectives take a deception training course. 2. All Officers and Detectives take a physical and psychological first aid training. 3. All Officers and Detectives take a course on how to show compassion and
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