Victim Precipitation Theory

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Carla had a routine of jogging to her boyfriend's Casey's apartment that was two miles away. She would spend the night and jog back in the morning. Carla's neighborhood was kind of safe but where her boyfriend Casey resided was not. This day she set off to his apartment and never made it. He was planning to smoke pot with Carla and her friends around midnight that day. Carla's body was found covered by trees ten minutes from where her boyfriend lived. Victim precipitation theory is when an individual provokes a situation to happen. Now Carla didn’t have to jog to Casey's apartment. She could have had him jog with her or ask him to meet her at her apartment since it was only two miles away. It only took he fifteen minutes to get to his apartment, just like she jogged to his apartment he could…show more content…
The boyfriend is in a harmful environment, so Carla should have never jogged to his apartment. He chose to live in a complex that was hidden off the road. He didn’t have to do that but that's what he wanted to do. Her living conditions caused his girlfriend to be in harms way. Deviant place theory is when something happens because it is a crime area. This was bound to happen to Carla cause she was in harm's way by going to his apartment. By her knowing where his apartment was she shouldn’t have jogged to his apartment at all. She should have had him come and get her or asked a friend to walk her to his apartment. The most relevant victimization theory to me that fits his case is the routine activity theory. The reason I picked that one is cause it states that she always leaves her apartment around the same time and goes to her
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