Victims And Survivors Of Sexual Aggression

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Men on college campuses all across the country are being accused of rape and other sexual offenses every day, guilty or innocent, it’s still rape. According to College Student Affairs Journal “victims/survivors of sexual aggression are often silent about their attack for several reasons; accepting responsibility and blame for the incident; not understanding a rape occurred, and instead framing it as rougher than normal sex; and shame”(Patitu 45). Bringing the first issue to surface, about how most rapes in college campuses unknown. The worse factor is if these victims were to tell about their experiences most universities will threaten these victims and they are left to deal with the issue alone. Most campuses around the country are turning their heads the other direction to rape victims in order to save their schools reputations. This doesn 't only affect the victims but also the future of the school and the power these girls may have in their hands after their stories are leaked to the press. Some of their stories will be listed in this paper, as I found them in my research neglect. In this paper I plan to explain how women are being ignored on many campuses and the effects for the both victim, then to precede how innocent men are being attacked and what they lose. “Vanderbilt, Notre Dame, Maryville, Steubenville, Florida State, and the University of Missouri, to name a few, are among the recent highly-profiled institutions in which student athletes allegedly committed
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