Victim's Compensation Policies in California

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Victim's Compensation Community-Based Program: Crime Victims United of California is an organization which helps the victims of violent or serious crime to regain normalcy within their lives. Besides helping individual victims, they also are legislative activists helping support laws which support victims. According to the group, they use education and legislative advocacy to promote public safety and to make people aware of what are their rights when they are victimized by crime. Within the parameters of their programs for victims, CVUC provides psychological treatment as well as support emotionally and, if needed, financially to help people. They provide everything from a place to stay if they are psychologically or physically unable to return to their homes to education on what their rights are as a victim of a crime. These are limited as the primary focus of the group is in pushing forward legislation to protect people and also in providing legal representation to those who otherwise might not have representation or are reliant on legal representatives without expertise or particular interest in the case at hand. The attorneys and legal authorities working with CVUC are focused on advocating for the victim in terms of financial remuneration and also in representing the victim within the courtroom setting and in protecting the victim from being forced to interact with the perpetrator of the crime later on, such as in parole hearings where a victim is forced to relive
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