Victims, Crime, And Crime Victims

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Victimology, or the study of victims, especially crime victims, has created new categories of victims that had not been previously noted. What are typically known as “street crimes”, such as rape, robbery, murder, and assault, have been identified as crimes since the biblical era, and the victims of such crimes have long been identifiable (Karmen, 2013). It has been the advances in the field of Victimology, and the questions which have been asked, that have identified new types of crime, and with these new crimes, come new types of victims. As social mores change, and new issues emerge, new categories of crime victims will be identified, and each new group of victims will present a new group of issues, which will need to be addressed. As these new groups of victims are identifies, victimologist will be tasked with asking the questions needed, so that the process of how these groups became victims, and be identified, and studied, in hopes of preventing future victimization. If I were tasked with studying a group of illegal immigrants, who had been preyed on, and who have become victims of crime, I would need to ask several things, in an attempt to identify how they became victims, and why they are afraid to report the crimes to law enforcement. To start with, the issue of undocumented immigrants, who are entering the United States, has become a hot topic issue in our country, and it creates its own set of issues which need to be addressed (Cleaveland, 2010). With the

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