Victims Of Women In Shakespearian Plays

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Shehnaz Sandhu
Student Id: 1521743
Instructor: Matthew Goldberg
English 601-102-MQ sect 00026
13 May 2016

In Shakespearian plays, women were shown as the victims of men and also, women were described as calm. Women were oppressed by men. Men were shown as violent and aggressive. “Good Night Desdemona (Good Morning Juliet),” written by Ann-Marie Macdonald talks about women being aggressive and violent. Women are shown equal to men according to their behavior, but they can still be easily manipulated by men. Women are the victims of the actions of men. Men uses women according to their wishes and desires. Women are supposed to act in certain way. Homosexuality was not accepted during those times, but now the idea of being homosexual is common. Also, true love does not exist and people get tired of each other after few days of living together. Then, duos regret their decision and they explore their identities in order to know more about themselves. In “Othello” written by “Shakespeare”,
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Even they sacrificed their life for the sake of their love. In Constance’s imagination, Juliet like the idea of death and she did not even get the meaning of love (Act 3, Page 49 – 85) (Macdonald). They were just fourteen at that time and they were too young to understand love. That is why after their marriage they both were regretting their decision of getting married and then they explored their own identities. For example, Juliet attracting to Constance and forcing her to kiss Juliet. When Constance revealed her true identity of being women, Juliet said that she does not care, if she is male or female. During times of Shakespeare, homosexuality was not accepted, but in today’s world homosexuality is accepted. That’s why from Constance’s imagination, Romeo gets attracted to Constanstine (Constance) and Juliet gets attracted to Constance (Act 3, page 49 – 85)
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