Victims Rights and Vengenace

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Victims’ Rights and Vengeance Amanda Furniss CJS/211 August 11, 2015 Melissa Andrewjeski When it comes to Victims’ rights and vengeance, a lot has changed since victims’ rights first came about to the justice system. I believe that when it comes to a case, trial, and the decisions that are made, the victim has many rights. I do believe that the victim has the right to be kept up to date on any info concerning the suspect, any charges, any new trial dates, and any changes to the case. I also believe that the victims’ opinion on what the sentencing to the suspect is and should be important and considered when deciding the suspects sentencing. Not necessarily charging the offender with what the victim wants but taken…show more content…
For instance like the saying “an eye for an eye”, If someone killed your child, what is your first reaction? It is to get revenge right? But getting revenge on someone is not the way to go. Revenge serves no justice at all. By choosing to go with revenge all you are doing is making matters worse, revenge does not solve anything, but can cause a never ending act of violence and revenge being committed. Do I agree with the actions of the Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests? Honestly, I would have to say I do. As long as what the Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests are not committing any crimes, or any Physical harm to anyone then if making these accused priests of sexual acts on a child known to the public would be fine with me. Honestly I would want to know, because I would not want to go to a church with a priest that is accused of such acts. Priests are supposed to be trusted, people look up to Priests, and for a Priest to engage in horrible acts such as child abuse is just a down right disgrace. The Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests is a good thing as long as they do for the good and not start leaning towards revenge. These victims can overcome the trauma and pain and suffering being in a group of people that are in the same situation as they are. Nothing feels better than actually being in a group of people that are going through the same thing you is to help you understand and

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