Victims and Villains in The Speckled Band, The Cardboard Box, and The Red Headed League

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Having read a range of detective stories by Conan Doyle, compare the presentations of victims and villains in The Speckled Band and two other stories.

In this essay, I am going to look at how Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, has written the Sherlock Holmes stories, looking at the victims, villains,
Holmes and his dear friend Watson. The Sherlock Holmes, stories are written in the detective genre, all of the stories that I have looked at to compile this essay, have a crime, victims, and villains. It also shows this as there is always a crime that Sherlock Holmes solves, by his intelligence. The intended audience of the stories, I think is for adults, even though there maybe some younger readers, but they may not understand the story
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This affects the body language, as they will become very protective, as they will become more aware of what is happening around them. The gender of most victims in the stories is female, as they are more vulnerable, as they are less likely to resist. Our expectations of the villains in the stories of Sherlock Holmes are that the villains are generally male. Also the manners of the villains are likely to be, calculating, so that they know what they are doing and where. They are mostly actors, so that they can get people to think that they are someone different, so that they can get them to do things. But sometimes they are likely to get ahead of themselves. The villains usually look rich and they sometimes have scars from where they have been attacked by their victims. Their body language is usually threatening, and jumping to conclusions. Plus some of them may carry a weapon.

A more modern example of a stereotype victim and villain is Ian
Huntley and the Soham murders. Huntley lied to the police about the murders, and he must have been calculating as he knew exactly what he was doing.

Our expectation of Sherlock Holmes is that, he likes doing his job as a detective, but he does not want to be the detective of a simple case. He always seems to solve the crime, by the means of something that he can see. Take the cardboard box as an example, Holmes was given the box and
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