Victims of Police Brutality: What would You Do?

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What would you or someone you love was a victim of police brutality? Would you report it, fight it, or go on as if nothing happened? Despite research studies proving that the use of police brutality is a part of self-defense for the law enforcement, others opponents disagree on this research and feel they’re abusing their authority and using excessive force. Police brutality has been around for decades. In the 1960’s, African Americans were seeking to declare their rights to vote, march, or enter desegregated school caused conflicts with the white Americans and were trying to deny any Black citizen from joining anything that included white citizens, but because the African Americans knew that violence was not the answer to their…show more content…
The next several day’s riots accumulated in Los Angeles because of the trial. The riot caused 60 deaths, 2,000 injuries, and $1 billion of damage. After the King riots similar police brutality continued in New York City that made major cities headlines. A Haitian immigrant Abner Louima was beaten severely and sodomized with a bathroom plunger by New York Police Department officers that were following his arrest outside of the nightclub. Police detectives shot an unarmed 23 year old immigrant from Guinea because they thought his wallet was a gun, the officers fired 41 shots, hitting the 23 year old 19 times. They were acquitted of all charged, that sparked widespread protests throughout New York City. Since the 90’s the crime rate has fallen but allegations of police brutality has continued. Critics have pointed out that LAPD officers shot and killed 70 percent more than suspects in 2011 than in 2010, even the murder rate in Los Angeles in 2011 had fallen to its lowest rate since 1963. (“Police Brutality”, Feb.) As us Americans we have the right to defend ourselves, and there is laws that protect the use of deadly force in public places. If we have the right to give harm to others because we feel threatened then why is it such a problem for officers using force if they feel threatened? According to polls from Issues and Controversies, Americans have a

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