Victims of Rape Essay

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Rape is a form of victimization that is highly underreported. The crime of rape has been denied throughout the ages. Women were believed to secretly desire the prospect of being raped. In addition, there was even the belief that rape was not possible (Pilkington, 2011, Lecture Unit 4). In some ways, this denial of rape has continued within our society. Denial about victimization has only added to the negative feelings rape victims have and why they choose to let their victimization go unreported. Not only do rape victims suffer due to their victimization but they also face the possibility of being scrutinized for “lying,” even when the victim is telling the truth. The fact that individuals have lied about being raped and the fact …show more content…
In addition, rape is subcategorized by different types. There are different ways in which rape can be split into types. The first is in terms of the rapist. There are three main types, which are as follows:
Anger Rape - this type of rapist expresses hatred and rage towards the victim. The rapist wants their victim to “feel and understand his anger towards them, even though they may have not been the one to provoke the rage” (Types of rapes, 2003). As a result, the rapist uses the victim to take their anger out on and makes the victim suffer similarly to the way the rapist suffered for their past wrongs and rejections. Power Rape - this type of rapist wants “to express power and domination over the victim. These rapists have a common fantasy of women who want them and resist there come-ons and then consent to sex” (Types of rapes, 2003). When the rapist’s fantasy is not acted out accordingly, due to the victim’s lack of cooperation, the rapist takes on a domineering stance to get full control over their victim.
Sadistic rape – “this rapist is obsessed with the ritual that goes along with the sex” (Types of rapes, 2003). This could involve forcing the victim to role-play, and the use of mutilation or torture as a way of exciting the rapist. These rapists are the ones that wake women out of a dead sleep and make the victim fear for their lives.
(Types of rapes, 2003) Different types of rape can also be classified based

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