Victor And His Creature In Mary Shelley's Frankenstein

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In Mary Shelley’s novel Frankenstein, Victor and his creature share many characteristics although they are opposing forces because of their differences. The story starts with Robert Walton recounting his time trapped in impassable ice where he met Victor Frankenstein, who looked very ill. Victor tells Walton about how he grew up in Swiss family and had a joyous childhood with loving parents. When Victor got older, he attended the university of Ingolstadt, where he became fascinated with the secret of life and after many years, he thought he had discovered it. Frankenstein had taken the body parts of old corpse’s and designed a creature, and one night, he brought his creation to life. When he saw the creature he was horrified by the sight of…show more content…
After Victor disposes of the second creatures body, he is arrested for murdered that was discovered the previous night, when he was taken to identify the body, he sees that it is his friend Henry Clerval and he has the marks of the monster. Victor once again becomes ill and is acquitted of the crime and goes back to Geneva to marry Elizabeth. He fears that the monster will hurt him or Elizabeth on their wedding night, so he sends her away to wait for his arrival. He realizes that the monster wanted to kill Elizabeth instead of him. Victor returns home to his father, who dies of grief a short time later. At this time of the story, it catches up with Walton’s fourth letter to his sister, he continues the story in another series of letters. Victor is already ill when the two men become acquainted, and he passes shortly after that time. Walton leaves and returns a few days later to see the monster crying over the corpse of Victor. The monster tells him of his sorrows and says that since his creator has died, that he is going to go into the northernmost ice to die. Victor may have created a monster, but he may be the true
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