Victor Arguinzoniz Research Paper

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Victor Arguinzoniz was born in a Basque village up in the high mountains in Axpe, up in northern Spain. Growing up in a village where no one had running water or electricity, Victor’s grandmother would always cook meals over a wood fire. “Everything was cooked by fire. I have strong memories of the aromas of firewood, of the flavor it brought to all of our food.” (Goulding, R&K) Eventually, in 1988, Victor dropped his job as a Forester and bought an old abandoned restaurant in the main plaza of Axpe, and started his path on elevating his path for the food of his childhood - traditional Basque grilling, a type of grilling with precision and imagination that his fellow countrymen like Ferran Adria and Juan Maria Arzak were introducing to the …show more content…

But Victor sees it as one of the most natural forms of eating, possibly referring to how in the early stages of human life when after killing an animal they all huddled around a fire and watch as their food becomes ready to eat. “The protagonist of the meal should be the product and not the cook.” (Virbila, Los Angeles Times) But everyone ends being blown away by how the flavor of his dishes impacts them. Primarily, the steak. A steak grilled classically with smoked butter, thick coins of house-made chorizo, and two giant shrimps from the coast. Visually, it looks uncanny compared with a simple American grilled one, but the tastes between the two makes the American one taste like …show more content…

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