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Case Study Analysis of Victor Brand Introduction Victor India Limited was established in 1989 as a public Limited Company for manufacturing cocoa based products. It launched its own brand of chocolates in three categories: moulded ,enrobed and eclairs. The company launched its cocoa based cocoa based brown milk beverage brand in 1996 but it did not do well in the market.In 2000 company initiaed a brand building program to revitalize the brand.The focus is on the beverage based product Victor Plus. Problem Statement Victor India Ltd (VCIL) could sell only 250 tonne of their cocoa based brown beverage brand with very low market share in a high potential market. Even company could not use its production capacity fully…show more content…
* Easy to Mix(Table 6) * Tasty(Table 6) Weakness * Brand image not recognized * Weak Distribution System: Victor plus was available in only 20%( i.e 5000) of VCILS outlets. * Advertising of Victor Plus not up to mark as it is advertised only in newspapers. * Packaging not a state of art type * Not nutritious enough * Unimpressive tagline * Underutilized capacity * Did not do market research properly as they could not trace the demand (underestimated the demand while researching the market) * Market size very small (250.87/90000 = 0.278%) Opportunity * Overall market size is huge(Market size is 90000 tonnes) * Market opportunity exist in South India * There is a demand in the industrial segment also Threats * High Competition * Consumers prefer white beverage more Alternatives * The Company can focus on the Southern States in the brown beverage segment without jumping into the white beverage segment. * It can introduce a white beverage drink as there is a shift towards white beverages and in the south there is more demand for the white beverage. * Focus on the Northern States as the consumption of brown beverages is higher in the North as compared to the South. The best possible alternative would be to focus on the Southern States in the brown beverage segment as there are machinery
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