Victor Frankenstein Analysis

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Raabia Cheema
AP Literature
Frankenstein Midpoint Assessment
November 1, 2017

Glory is coveted by most and the pursuit of it can cause untold changes within an individual's character. In spite of this, glory in whatever field possesses the threat of becoming an obsession. Thus, the increasing extent to which one pursues their passion through their journey will shift it to obsession and rid the subject of innocence- often through violence. Both Victor Frankenstein and R. Walton attempt to take on such a quest, however, Frankenstein displays the adverse effects of such an obsession.

The desire to create and discover is one endured by both Walton and Frankenstein; each realizing that in attaining such glory, one must sacrifice their innocence. Walton expresses his need to ¨accomplish some great purpose¨, citing that, to him, glory was more valuable than the pecuniary advantage he already possesses (Shelley, p. 3). Despite his own thinking, Walton's own search is truly one for self-knowledge and wisdom, as his own soul is overcome with a ¨love for the marvellous, a belief in the marvellous¨ (Shelley, p.6). Thus, Walton is still seeking to fulfill the peregrination his passion has set him on, hoping that he will find answers to his own true purpose, under the disguise of glory (Foster, Chapter 1). Walton has yet to experience a shift from passion to obsession, and thus, his innocence and naivety is still secured to his psyche. He believes that this search will only bring him
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