Victor Frankenstein Character Analysis

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Taking the lives of innocent people is a cruel act usually associated with hate and revenge. It is also loathed by society. However, in Mary Shelley's novel, Frankenstein, she gets readers to sympathize with crimeful characters. In this case, specifically, the creature and his irresponsible creator, Victor Frankenstein. Shelley uses convincing words to portray the message that the creature is guiltless. Even as the creature slaughters Victor’s family members readers continues to show compassion towards him. Many questions arise when considering Victor Frankenstein and the creature’s behavior. Why is it that even a murderer can be seen as innocent ? How does that person's environment affect their actions and decisions? Also, how much responsibility does a creator have for what he creates? Although, the creature is referred to as a “beast”. It can be easily proved that the creator of the creature , Victor Frankenstein, is the true cause of the creatures moral corruptness and raged actions. Victor's actions and decisions introduce the thematic topic “responsibility”, leading to the purpose of the novel.

Shelley gets readers to sympathize with the characters by using a helpless and extremely persuasive tone. For example, “You are in the wrong, replied the fiend, and instead of threatening I am consent to reason with you” (Ch.17). This quote, stated by the creature, has a strong effect on readers because Shelley uses an influential tone. Although, seen as a monster, Mary

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