Victor Frankenstein Society Essay

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We are what society makes us. Through Mary Shelley 's Frankenstein, the reader is able to see that although we each have free choice, we are the product of the people who surround us: friends, family, teachers and society. This idea is shown through the two main characters of Victor Frankenstein 's narrative, himself and the creature. The impact of love, support, and acceptance, or lack thereof, from the people who surround Victor and the creature is illustrated through their reactions, choices, and emotions. Victor is only able to experience happiness in times of depression because of his closest friend, Henry Clerval, and Elizabeth, his companion from a young age. Victor’s professors and his father act as a catalyst for Victor’s choice…show more content…
This illustrates Victor’s knowledge and understanding of Henry’s significance in his life and in whom he has become. Elizabeth, another childhood friend of Victor, serves as a source of consolation for Victor in times of depression through her many letters. At a young age, Elizabeth is not only brought into the family to be Victor’s companion, but she is also pressured into taking on a maternal role when Caroline, on her deathbed, tells her, " ‘Elizabeth … you must supply my place to your younger cousins’ " (Shelley 35). Elizabeth becomes the sole woman of the family, taking on the former duties of Victor’s mother; in a sense, becomes the mother, sister and lover of Victor. When Victor chooses to leave for his studies, she does not request that he stay home and marry her, but rather fulfills her duties in the Frankenstein home and cares for him at a distance. The importance and significance of having the nurture, love, and teachings of a parental figure is shown through Victor and the creature. Early on in the novel, Victor tells Walton that his first memories are of his “mother’s tender caresses and [his] father’s smile of benevolent pleasures” (Shelley 27); because Victor’s first recollections are positive ones filled with love and care, he does not develop thoughts of destruction and murder at a young age. Furthermore, it is because of his parents’ teachings that he can receive
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