Victor Frankenstein: What One's Life Is True?

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The story of Victor Frankenstein might be fictional, but what if the theory of creating the life is true?
Death can be permanent but why can’t Life be the same as well?

I had been with the temple in Tibet for as long as I can remember, I’m gifted, for the super healing factor and enhanced strength, but Master Dhala hid my powers, for protecting me from the threats.

No ones should know my ability, until one day, I have to reveal myself to the world, my existence was a legend, but it became real. I found that I’m not the only one who is gifted, not the one stands on the justice as well, more of my types human used their ability to commit crime, formed an empire, called The Nine Eyes.

My birth is a legend, Master Dhala told me that my mother handed me to him, she was scarred and heavily injured, she could barely walk and she risked her life to protect me. Master Dhala was the one my mother trusted the most, while The Nine Eyes was hunting her. She died on the scene, just right after she handed me to Master Dhala. She was poisoned and fatal. No ones could save her, but as long as I am safe, she could rest in peace. On the other hand, The Nine Eyes has never been giving up to hunt me, they keep searching me for over years and years, I’m not their only target, they intend to conquer the entire world.
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Hugo Lee brought me to San Francisco, ever since then, he takes the responsibility as my adoptive father, along with his wife, Elise. I was given a name, Kyle. They have their child as well, Jacqueline. They raised me as their own, I was schooled, educated and everything went good. I’m even a best in both High School and University. Graduated as a Bio-engineer. I worked with Hugo, in Citrine Lab, which was owned by Hugo
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