Victor, Tomas, And Victor 's Dad All Change

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My response to the characters, Victor, Tomas, and Victor’s dad all change in the course of the play. Victor and Tomas as the protagonists of this movie had two extremely different personalities. Victor is a boy that tends to be more aggressive and stubborn. He even looked down to Tomas, his best friend from an early age. He thought Tomas was nagging and rigid who do not try to make any change to adapt to the modern American society. In the first place, I saw Victor more like a mature grew up young man. He had a tough childhood since his father was an alcoholic and usually hit his mother after he got drunk. Finally, after a huge fight between his parents, his father left the home and never come back until he was died. Because of all these difficult situations that Victor went through, his character turned out to be darker than Tomas do. I really feel sympathy for him and really glad that Tomas stayed with him, even though, sometimes Tomas was annoying. Toward the end of the film, I finally knew the truth of the fire that burn down Tomas’s house. The fire was cause by Victor’s zonked father. He played with a firework and accidentally caused the fire. Even though, he tried his best to save Tomas’s life, he still felt guilty to what he had done. He kept lying and lying to fulfill his sin. When he finally could ever bear that heavy burden, he escaped from that place forever. This became the moment that I change my attitude toward Victor’s dad. I used to think he was a

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