Victor Vroom And Victor Vroom's Expectancy Theory

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Victor Vroom’s Expectancy Theory (1964) is the mental process of regarding choice and what to choose. It describes how an individual is influenced to make that choice. This is a motivational theory. Vroom claims that a persons’ choice is based on how much effort is put in to how much effort is needed to get the work done. Vroom states that an employee’s performance is related back to their personality, experience and skill. Vroom believes that people in the workplace can be motivated if; there is strong bond between effort and performance the reward will satisfy the employee the desire to satisfy the need will make the effort worthwhile. Vroom’s theory differs from other motivational theories as his philosophy does not provide detailed recommendations…show more content…
(if the manager told them they would be rewarded can the staff trust the manager?) This is crucial for managers if they want a happy workforce. If the managers promised rewards to their staff and don’t follow through with them, the staff will become angry and won’t be able to trust the managers, therefore not comply to the best of their abilities. These three factors are essential for a manager to get the best out of their employees. If one of these areas is not tended to this could have a knock on effect on the rest of the staff and damage staff morale. (Vroom, V.H., Deci, E.L., Penguin 1983) CONCLUSION Overall Vroom’s Expectancy Theory fits in with a manager in a manufacturing firm as they need to monitor and keep their staff happy. From studying Vroom’s theory I learned that the managers have to study their staff and get to know them and get to know how they work to get the best out of them. The manager should always follow through with rewards or promises to his or her staff as the staff can turn against them easily and this could cause problems. Vroom’s theory is a perfect outline on how to motivate people and get the best out of them in the workplace. He outlines how they think and react to different
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