Victoria London as an Essential Element of Doctor Jekyll and Mr Hyde

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Victoria London as an Essential Element of Doctor Jekyll and Mr Hyde Robert Louis Stevenson in 'Doctor Jekyll and Mr Hyde' makes London in the Victorian era an essential element of the story, Text Box: Text Box: because London at the end of the 19th century was the centre of a massive empire. It was the epitome of what other towns and cities should be like. The gentlemen of London were the 'perfect' example of how everyone should behave. A respectable gentleman was thought to be a rational man, a good Christian, a responsible person. This was the vital concept to the leaders of Victoria's Empire. This, however, put extreme pressure on the gentlemen of London to be absolutely perfect; they were…show more content…
He already believed that there was an animal side to men, that "man was not truly one, but truly two", but to remain in the high positions of society, Jekyll had to hide his darker side. This is true of Victorian London as well. There was the respectable side of London with clean streets, nice houses, and respectable people walking along the streets. Then there were the wild and unruly streets that were home to the poor of London. Text Box: The London gentlemen showed off great wealth and respectability. Their houses were grand and elegant. They boasted of the clean streets and squares of London. However, just behind the houses were the filthy alleys, where people lived in terrible conditions (probably worse than most of the conditions in the 'uncivilised' colonies of the British Empire). Doctor Jekyll's house had a back way that opened onto the dirty streets of the slums (which became a back way for Mr Hyde). Half of the house is grand and respectable, while the other half (which only a few of Jekyll's closest friends know is connected with the front of the house) is run down and shows obvious signs of negligence. Tramps live on its doorstep. It is a "certain sinister block of building", like "a blind forehead of discoloured wall" which "showed no window, nothing but a door on the lower storey". However. Though the two sides of London are so different, they are both sides

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