Victoria Secret Marketing

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VICTORIA SECRET MARKETING STRATEGY. Executive Summary. Victoria Secret was formed in 1977 which is considered the fashionable brand has changed the American conception of lingerie and swimsuit. Victoria Secret is preparing to launch a new swimsuit store in Vietnam market in this summer. When surveying the market, Victoria Secret says that they really want to attack women who do not pay attention on their wearing style. After achieving real achievements with the introduction of sexy become an icon, a growing trend of Victoria’s Secret during next time is they will change the image of female beauty. Not simply swimsuits, the way out of the Victoria’s Secret design also feel completely different than the common model swimwear. Specially,…show more content…
Still aiming to the fashionable trend which is most prominent in this summer, the Victoria Secret design consists primarily of two-piece swimsuit model with striking colors such as pink, yellow and scalet. In term of design, besides the traditional swimsuit which has strings in order to wind round the neck, there are many wireless models that figure hugging the bosom extremely attractive. Each year, Victoria Secret mails more than 400 million catalogs to patrons over the world. Annually, according to 1009 stores, Victoria Secret swimsuit’s revenues reach approximately $2.822 million. The average annual turnover of company increased to 4%. Competitor Review. The Vietnamese swimsuit market has been hotter than ever with the “landing” of a large number of brands. From famous brands such as Faba, Triump, BSC... to less famous ones from China, Korea, and Thailand, they have provided a large range of choices for customers as well as a competitive market for companies. Key competitors can be devided into two groups as following: - High-grade products: This group includes branded products such as Faba (Poland), Triump (Germany), BCS (Thailand) and Vera (Vietnam-Japan). These products are skilfully tailored and artfully designed by top designers. Distinct hallmark with unique style, along with sophisticated pattern and high-quality metarials not only make women more charming but also take them to a higher level. Besides, that these
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